Serious construct glitching.

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  • I took different effects off of my sprite. I only have contrast now.

    But when I click on the sprite on the layout and scroll down it still has tint, and HSL that I was using before.

    What is going on here?

    Also, this is interfering with my adding other effects, when I try to add other effects it says no properties and sprite goes invisible.

    Wanna slap physics on something? sure. Want to color something? AHAHHAHAH.

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  • Good rule of thumb is to put your sprites over a neutral grey (128,128,128) background. Some of the effects, only effect color values of things under them. Things like Dodge and Multiply will seem like they are doing nothing on a background that is too light or too dark.

    The tint and HSL thing might be the order the effects are stacked too. Try changing the order of the effects. Also some effects only effect the default color, they do not effect the current colors of the sprite. They only effect the colors of the original bitmap.

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