How do I make a series of events happen w/ random times...

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  • ...inbetween them?

    I'm making a FNaF spinoff, and I want to make it so each animatronic moves through their corresponding paths (I've rendered pictures to emulate movement, every time they move they appear on another camera). But I don't want them to move through each place every fixed time, I want it to be random.

    So something like

    Every X seconds

    "Animatronic has 1/4 chance to move to next room"

    And then afterwards they reach the office and stay there for a bit (unless the animatronic plays a jumpscare, in which case the game will end), they need to do the same thing, but backwards. And then forwards again until it ends.

    Can anyone help?

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  • To create a 1/4 chance you could use choose(1,0,0,0)

    So give the animatronic an instance variable move

    every x seconds

    • for each animatronic

    > animatronic set variable move = choose(1,0,0,0)

    • animatronic compare variable move = 1

    > animatronic move to next room.

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