sequence actions to begin after others finish

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  • Hello,

    I'm currently working from the "Template: Real Time Strategy (RTS)" template.

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the event sheet block model.

    I want to implement the following sequence;

    1. User selects Friendly unit(s)

    2. User selects Enemy unit

    3. Friendly calculates path and moves along it

    4. Friendly stops at the expected end point

    5. Friendly begins to fire.

    Problem: I'm having trouble with item 5. I have a event to move the Friendly (this stops at the value set in the family varialbe "Range" as I want) However the combat event seems to get called to early and the Friendly doesn't attack when it reaches it's end point.

    I've tried moving the attack block as a sub-event to the move, but it still doesn't help.

    How would I have the Friendly move and then wait until it stops to begin attacking?


    Any help appreciated.


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  • Most likely have a condition that either says move when NOT in firing range, or one that has a variable that is set when they are in attack mode and have a condition on the movement that says when attack is false.

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