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  • How do I make my backgrounds to have infinite parallax scrolling, now I know how to have backgrounds on multiple layer with parallax effect but let's say my maps are 10000x10000 format and the game window size is 1024x768 how must I put make it so that each tiled background has infinite width? it runs out of width replacing it with transparency when I move too far to the right causing the tiled background to run out, must I give the background tiles 1000000 width (basically infinite width) or is that a wrong method to give infinite size?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Check out the endless runner template that comes with Construct 2. For that they didn't use tiled backgrounds, but instead just added a new one on the right when needed, and removed any that went offscreen to the left.

    If you want to use a tiled background, you could just set the origin to the left and change the width dynamically.

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  • Thanks thehen, I'l do that.

    That didn't exactly work, Here's my .capx file to show you what I want to do and what's happening wrong (keep in mind this is only a beta version of my game it's just to show you what I need to do)

  • Woah, this thread is already in 3rd page :/ I still need help with multiple parallax layers guys, I provided my .capx file in my last post so you could help me out on it.

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