Seperate capx for Web and Mobile?

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  • Hello

    Sorry for these questions. I'm not sure what/how to do.

    Due to the problems with the different screen sizes with the Web-Browers and the mobiles i will get crazy.

    If you wanna make a game which is playable on the web and also on mobiles (maybe as apk), do you make seperates projects (capx) or do you handle all these issues in one capx?? For example the problems with the screen sizes.

    Is it a good idea first make a version for the web, get the feedback and later make the apk's?

    What is easier and of course more profitable. Sell/Publish as a web game or as an app?

    Thanks for your replies

    PS: Sorry for my english, isn't my mothertongue.

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  • You can use "Is on mobile" to have different events for people on mobile!

  • Thanks for reply.

    Does that mean you have only one capx?

    Which Scale-Mode do you use? Letterbox-Scale with black bars on the side or do you use Scale Outer, which gives no black bars but on some devices (ex. Desktops) shows to much of the layout.

  • You are suggesting that you would have 2 separate capx? I don't see why you would...

    It does scale for you (I normally just leave it on default unless there is a problem)

    The big thing about mobile is the small screen size, so you have to make sure that all your game buttons/icons can be seen/used on a small screen...

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