How do I separate time scale of each layout?

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  • Helli every body,

    OK let's say that we have two layouts (levels), layout1 and layout2. when the player complete layout1, the time scale is set to (0) and the level is paused, a winning screen shows up containing two buttons one is labeled (play again) and the other is labeled (continue). when the player clicks (play again), layout1 is restarted and the time scale is set again to (1). but when the player clicks (continue) he move to layout2 but it starts paused and the time scale is set automatically to (0). I tried to fix this by adding this event in layout2 event sheet:

    System-------> on start of layout-------> set time scale to (1)

    and it worked fine. when the player move to layout2 now it starts normally.But when the player complete layout2 the time scale is still set to (1) and layout2 does not pause and the winning screen does not appear!

    How can I fix this problem please? how can I set a different time scale for each layout so they don't affect each other?

    Thanks in advance

  • are you using separate event sheets for each layout? I don't understand why you need to pause layout 1 after it is finished.

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  • Thanks for reply. No, actually I'm using a common event sheet included in each layout containing the repeated events. I pause the level at the end of each layout to allow the player to choose whether to restart the level and play it again, or to continue to the next level. In my game, player doesn't move from layout to layout unless he make the action of pressing (continue).

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