How to separate the rotation and shooting points in turrets?

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  • Hey,

    I am making a platform game that features a turret. The turret shoots from the rotation point which makes it look wrong. I have added a second image point which I intend to use as the bullet source but I can not figure out how to do this.

    Please help!

  • Post your Capx so we can see what you are doing. If you are using sprite.spawnAnotherObject, there is a place for you to enter the image point that you want to spawn from.

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  • I think I'm using that, I couldn't find an option for image points though. Sorry, it's a bit messy. I had to make big changes to reduce the size.

  • Here we go. You were using System.CreateObject action, which means you have to get the coordinates of the imagepoint from expressions. I implemented this. Earlier I recommended Sprite.SpawnAnotherObject, and i implemented that too on Event sheet 1 so you could see it.

    I would recommend putting lots of your events on one event sheet, then including that event sheet in other event sheets. It saves you from having to duplicate work every time you make a new level

  • Thank you so much this is exactly what I wanted! And thanks for the tip!

  • Is there a way to make the bullets shoot from the top width of the turret instead of the side length? I can see the issue comes from the image points again

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