Separate 'Mute' and 'Music Off' buttons

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  • I've been trying to add two buttons two my game.

    Music On/Off - toggles music on/off only

    Audio On/Off - toggles all sounds (including music) on/off

    I have four different button images to represent each state.

    I've been tying my brain in knots but haven't managed to come up with a "perfect" solution. Currently I have one a single sprite with 4 frames on a single animation, but am thinking about creating two distinct sprites. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • ..well for the size of end file difference vs ease of programming..Id go with two separate sprite buttons..if only for simplicity sake ..don't worry about tying your head in knots about the small stuff...its just a button right?...for the sake of your overall game progress... do something and keep moving on...other wise you'll get nothing can always change it later..:)

    I am certain there will be plenty of other stuff to break your neurons on later


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  • Thanks -- that's good advice :)

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