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  • Hola a todos, estoy desarrollando un Juego de vehículos en el cual tengo que verificar la dirección de las vias, mi caso es el siguiente:

    Tengo vías de doble sentido y necesito que el juego me mande una advertencia cuando el vehículo que estoy conduciendo este yendo en sentido contrario.

    Alguien me puede ayudar?

    existe algún control o artificio para hacerlo?


    Hello everyone, I am developing a game vehicles in which I have to check the direction of the tracks, my case is as follows:

    I have a two-way game and I need you to send me a warning when the vehicle I am driving this going the wrong way.

    Can someone help me out?

    There is some control or artifice to do?

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  • Please, this is an English forum, try to stick with it, or at least always provide a translation with your topics.

    Do a research about car games/tracks/checkpoint, I remember there were examples around, can't remember exactly if those were in the tutorials or the forums though.

    I added a translation to your original message and moved your topic.

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