sending macro keystrokes to pc via usb or tcp

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  • hey guys ive had this crazy ideia recently and im still thinking about it too often to let go. heres the deal: ive allways used my tablet as an extension to my pc. im also an avid gamer and i love the idea of using the tablet to control stuff on pc. now i know there are apps that do what im about to describe, but none really allows for customization. im talking about simulating a second keyboard with specialized macro keys. like turning your tablet or smartphone into a second keyboard with colors and animations. for this to work it should require a connection to the computer and additional customization. in other words i question: what can you guys tell me about a tcp or web connection to the computer and local skins and files that allow customization of the app? IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE WITH CONSTRUCT 2? Thank you guys youre the best! oh you may call me crazy i dont mind! :)

    ps sorry i had trouble pasting this message ill be sure to edit later

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  • im sorry im having edit issues with this forum on my tablet. i tried to correct: tcp or usb connection

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