How do I Send Text to a Function

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  • Hey there,

    I have been playing around with Functions and I am curious as to how I would send text to the Function. Currently, I just call a Function with parameters 0,1,2 etc etc. Then the function would display the predetermined text. But what if I wanted the user to input their own text? How would I pass that to the Function?

    In the screen below you can get an idea of what I am working with right now.

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  • you can pass a text as a parameter of a function, for exemple if you pass the value "I like eating chocolate" as the second parameter(parameter number 1) of your function along with the value 1 to the first parameter (parameter number 0), and you add an action :

    SystemMessage : Set text to Function.Param(1)

    Then the text displayed will be

    I like eating chocolate[/code:2krku3vh]
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