How to send game statistics to server?

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  • I'm about to finish my first Android (export to CocoonJS)game and want to have an overall statistics about the game like:

    • most played level
    • average score and time spent on each level
    • average time spent on the game

    I want all those variables sent from each user to a server and my wish is to have only one file on the server side for easy viewing (xml, txt)

    Can I build a serverside code in c2 ?

    Does DropBox support serverside execution?

    Can I use DropBox to receive data from user?

    As a last resort it can be done with individual files from each user, but the above questions still remains.

    Any ideas how to do that?

    [EDIT:] Google docs is any good?

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  • You must use the "AJAX" object...

    I'm not sure CocoonJD supports it...

    With the AJAX you do a "post" that send the information in a "cgi" file that you code, by using something like cfm or php, wich will receive your variables and send them into a xml file or database...

    That's the only way I know...

  • DavidA13 thanks for the suggestions. I will dig deeper in to that. Never used Ajax, it's a mystery to me.

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