Semi Random Level for Endless Run Game

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  • if you play some endless run games, the level seem different everytime you play.

    follow the line for example.

    but i think it's just some kind of templates which randomly choosen every X seconds.

    What's the trick to make something like that?

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  • have all the templates made before hand next add a global/instance variable that titled something like stage decider

    then add a event that goes every x seconds (the time it takes to pass a template) or have something at the end of each template that will trigger an event eg(on P1 overlap stage trigger run) and have it add a random number to the variable use the round random for that ( you can find more info about that on this site ) but it should look something like this round(random(1,10)) then simply add conditions testing for the various numbers and have it spawn the required template


    If stage decider=1|Spawn Temp1

    |Set stage decider to 0

    If stage decider=2|Spawn Temp2

    |Set stage decider to 0

    If stage decider=3|Spawn Temp3

    |Set stage decider to 0

    remember to clear the value after every outcome

    If you need anymore help just ask

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