How do I selling lives on my game like candy rush?

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  • how to make lives system like candy rush game. i want to make every x hours will get one live. or if player cant wait its can buy an extra live.

  • well the buy system is simply -variable and increase live variable now the hours thingy are we talking about ingame hours or real time . Cause I know you could tech do a countdown variable so that if the x hours reach 0 you add one to lives and then reset that hour back to where it is.

    Such as this put the timer variable at say for 5 hours you would do 18000 number and then every tick -1 once that number goes to 0 add life and then reset to 18000. That just one way of doing it.

    I have no clue how to do something like every 5 o clock pm at est add one life or something crazy like that

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  • If you want to do real-life hours you probably want to use something like a web socket or a multiplayer server and have a login system, that will handle the time between logging in and logging out, then again you could code a custom plug-in for this which would probably be easier to do.

    There's more than likely something we're overlooking you can do so much with construct 2 that there's probably a way to get the real time.

    Just wanted to tell you what I would do to solve the issue. Good luck with your project I hope you get it to work!

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