How do I sell items of my game for real money?

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  • Hi guys, I'm new at the forum and I'm testing Construct 2 before buying.

    I've started to develop my platform game and I just want to know how is the proccess to sell a kind of "coin" that exists on the game for real money, to buy custom itens, etc... or simply create a button to sell the full version of the game? How does it works?

    Game example: POU

    In pou , the game is free, but you can buy cash to buy custom clothes on the game.

    Nice to meet you guys.


  • caiocesar the process to sell your in-game item depends on the platform that you're choosing to publish your game in. For instance, apple is the most complicated process amongst all other platforms, been a month since I am trying to figure out my in-app purchase to work.

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  • ondraayyy I want to publish my game on google playstore (android users), is it possible? because when I go to export game I can't find this option.

    At first moment, I just want to know exactly how this proccess works, for example:

    Lets imagine that I have a full version and a demo version of the game.

    Now, I have my demo version available on google playstore for FREE download...

    My demo game haves a "Pay for a full version" button..

    What this button will do? I will have to send my demo game and full game on playstore and this button will send the user to the "buy" link of the full game on playstore?

    Sorry, I'm newbie... I must understand all commercial proccess.

  • caiocesar I understand where you're coming from, I was in your stage about 2 and a half months ago. I don't have any programming skill, but 2 and a half months should be enough for you to get to the intermediate level of understanding the knowledge of construct 2, ways to get your app to the google play store or any other platforms.

    Yes it is possible to get your game on the google playstore, I believe the reason why you can't find this option under the "Export Project" section is because you need to have at least a "Personal Construct 2 License" which can be purchased at the store.

    As for the "Pay for Full version" Button, there are two logics that I can think of...

    The first logic is, whenever players tap on the "Pay for a full version" button, you can code under one of the event sheet to open up the "Link" for the "Full version" app on the device browser.

    The second logic is, the game itself already have the full version but it is locked, and it can only be unlocked once a player buy the "Full Version" product (which is a One-Time Purchase product). So whoever buys the product, you can start coding for example

    Add Global Variable with the name "Premium" set 0 as default

    If player has the "Full Version" product set the global variable "Premium" to 1

    Then you can compare this global variable if it is set to 1 "Unlock all feature of the game". Something like this.

    If you don't understand don't worry, keep learning, there are many tutorials out there, use GOOGLE if you can't find a tutorial or use the search textbox on the forum to help you, if you can't find any, feel free to ask me, I'll be more than happy to help.

    My tip for you is this : Keep believing and don't give up, if you really want it and you work for it, you'll find a way to get through it. All the best mate.

  • ondraayyy Thank you so much man !!! I have experience with another engines, but Construct 2 is my new challenge.

    I understand your coding example of the "unlock all feature of the game" ... but, how my game will "know" that the player bought the full version and then, set the global variable premium for 1 ?

    The only thing I can't understand is the "communication" of "buying my game on google play" and "the game knows that I bought the game and now all stages are unlocked" ... how my game will receive this information after the purchase?

    Thank you so much! you are helping me a lot!

  • caiocesar use MySQL database & create a login system like "username/password"...

    If you don't understand about MySQL (which I don't) there is another simpler way to set up a login system, which took me just 1 hour to understand the whole concept. With the help from rexrainbow (plugin creator) & jomo (tutorial writer), rexrainbow made a login system plugin which is easy to use, it is powered by Parse. Here is the tutorial to it by jomo ... rse-plugin

    As for your question "How would your game know the information that the player already purchased the product"

    In the Parse database plugin that rexrainbow created, there is an option where you can store a player data. So for an example if a player already purchased your One-Time Purchase product to unlock all the other features, levels, characters, etc. You should store the value of that player to "1" for example and then save it to that player database and then update that global variable on the "start of each layout" or "every tick" to the value that is saved to that Username.

    And everytime the game runs, if the global variable is "1" (which is the value that is stored in the user database), then the game will unlock all the features, levels, characters, etc.

    It's kinda complicated to understand, like I said, one step at a time, if you don't get what I mean, eventually you will in the next few weeks if you keep doing what you're doing.

    No problem, I know where you're coming from, 2 and a half months ago, I never thought I could be at the stage of where I am at right now, but because I kept learning and hours of practice doing this everyday, I made it this far to almost releasing my first game on the App Store, its a tough challenge but once I'm done, I'm pretty sure the achievement feeling that I'll get out of this would be beyond the limit.

    I'll also write a tutorial on "Uploading your iOS Game using IntelXDK to the App Store" once I'm finished with my project, because most of the tutorials out there for iOS to upload to the app store are outdated and they're not specific enough.

  • Thank you so much for your reply !!!

    I am familiar with mysql, I will check this tutorial and study it !

    Have a nice day ondraayyy

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