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  • Guys, does anyone have any examples of how to make a sprite out of many:

    1. Be selected, the prompt application? Type in as an editor, when we resize the image?

    You can do that?

  • 1.edit the sprite dotted box (selection tool)

    3. drag a box over what you want in your sprite

    4. click cut or copy (it's now on the clipboard and you can paste this to a new sprite)

  • Sorry, maybe I have not expressed myself correctly, what I wanted was to be able to pick up an object in the application being run, and select it, click the object type when it should have a different contour of other objects, or have a check box, so getting a selectable object for editing (zoom, rotate, mirror).

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  • oh that's easy. Use the Mouse Event OnClicked(Whatever Object). This event will fire when your object has been clicked by the mouse. In there you should probably store the UID of the last object selected. Then your other controls can use that to take action.

    Also put all your selectable objects into a family.

    I'm not on a computer with C2 right now but this is basically how you do it...


    Make a family of selectable objects called Pieces

    Mouse OnClicked(Pieces)

    LastSelectedObjectUID = Pieces.UID

    Mouse OnClicked(RotateButton)

    System Pick Object by UID(LastSelectedObjectUID)

    Rotate Pieces x degrees clockwise

    Mouse OnClicked(ZoomButton)


    Mouse OnClicked(MirrorButton)


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