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  • So I am using the overlapping object expression, and want to limit it only to the one object in which I selected.

    I have selected one object in a drag command and if I run into another it collects them...

    How could this be done?

    Also the Dragging is horrible, I have tried many "Logical" options... On mouse over... global variables to 1 "if in drag" on system tick. It works but if I move to fast moving the object falls? How can this be solved?

    In the Dragging event I set "Object1 x,y" to "Mouse x,y"

    Thank you for your help in advance! this is a great forum.

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  • Instead of the dragging event, have you tried adding the DragDrop behavior to the sprite?

    It's just like adding the bullet behavior in the Beginner Tutorial, but controls all of the dragging. You won't have to mess with setting the objects manually thatway.

  • Now, I feel well stupid. I saw that too... and i was like I can make it on my own! but thank you it was much easier.


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