How do I make a a selected sprite move with the enemy

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  • I am trying to figure out how to have a selection graphic constantly move with the last clicked object, but then switch to the object selected next? My trouble is in that if I want the selected graphic to move with a clicked object, it is set to constantly move with that object, and that is what makes it unable to move to another object if you click another object. Here is my .capx where it's suppose to move with enemy graphics, how should I adjust this? Also, I'm going to want the player to be able to click anywhere on the screen that isn't an object or its collision box and remove the selected graphic all together as it would in a game like Dragonage Origns or World of Warcraft.

    These are the events related to what I'm trying to do

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  • Try giving the targeting reticule the pin behavior and pinning it the the clicked enemy. If you pin it instead of setting it to follow a specific enemy, it should follow more precisely.

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