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  • Hi everyone,

    I´m trying to figure out how to build up a menu which is able to change/switch the visible level the player can start.

    If the player touches one of the two direction-buttons, the actual level should scroll out of the visible layout and in the same time/speed/direction the new level should scroll in an be visible.

    The "Level"-sprite has several animation-models to be able to show different levels in a preview

    Visible example:

    First Level-Sprite should be set to the small and long "MoveBar"(Blue)

    The new created Level-Sprite should be created.

    With a touch on (for example) "MoveRight"-button, the "MoveBar rotates to the necessary positon, For Each-"Level-Family" gets pinned to that bar and the moves forward to set positon. The Level-family gets unpinned, the bar resetted to default-position. At this point it seems to work well.


    Because of the reason that both "Level"-sprites are a similar object and they do what I set up, they get after one command the same settings, are overlapped and there is no way for me to seperate and control them in a way that I could make them useful.

    First I took a deeper look into existing tutorials and the manual, but I didn´t find a solution.

    I tried a lot with "For each" and "UID", but nothing of that really helped me(or just not in the way I tried).

    Then I tried to figure out now for a while in the forum about similar stuff, but didn´t see something that would work for me.

    OneDrive-Share-Link to SelectScrollMenu.capx!AgSJ2pCrMjv7gbwDmVU_I5smM5SbqQ

    So I would like to ask if somebody could take a look over my example.capx and help me out with my problem.

    Thanks a lot!

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  • I took a quick look through your capx, and I might have misunderstood, but you just want a scrolling menu, that you can know which level is selected, right? I made something more simple for you. (You'll need Rex's MoveTo Plugin here: just click the little plugin top left)

    Take a look at this capx: ... sp=sharing

    Should be exactly what you need.

    Also, a side note, I was gonna add a quick level cap on each side, but figured that was easy enough to add later.

    Hope it helps <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">


  • Hey antares330,

    yes, thats right! A scrolling menu, which shows the selectable/actual level.

    Thanks for your quick respone! I will take a look at it when I´m at home again!


  • If you want to paste something on top of the scrolling level, you might have to pin whatever you want on top before the Move Action.

  • Your file helped me a lot to understand how I can set object settings after an new "create object"-action!

    It makes now absolute sense why I failed all the time. I tried to "add an event" as selection for an object and set with "actions" the settings , but there is no possible relation between that with which I can control it in that way.

    That what does work is to create and set all the planned and necessary object-options in one "creation"-action.

    After I took a look at your capx I understood that and noticed, that I would not need the mentioned plugin, but it could be another possible way to solve my request!

    Why? Because I can pin my the "selection"-object and the new created/second "selection"-object on another object, which I move.!AgSJ2pCrMjv7gbwSKIMOvJ7cHu6WdQ

    Once again

    Thanks a lot!

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