How do I select one object at a time and deactivate others

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  • I have a family called pointers.

    I want that you only can select one pointer at a time, and if you go to select one while one other is actived this one is deactivated.

    Is a stupid thing but after an hour i can't get it working correctly

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  • Guess this is related to picking objects, however there are loads of ways for picking stuff and without knowing exactly how you are trying to do this, its fairly difficult to give advise. So think you need to be a bit more specific in regards to where the problems occurs.

  • I have a menu with X icons.

    When with the mouse i click on a icon this one is selected, ok. I use a instance variable called "active" 0/1. And when is active i set the animation to On. when is 0 animation is OFF.

    Then, when i select another of the icons of the family i created i want the first one get deactivated and activate the last one.

  • You should be able to do it like this.

    On Mouse click Pick Pointer
    -- Pick all Pointers   -> Set = 0
                                            Pointer.Animationframe = <whatever it needs to be>
                                       -> Set = 1
                                          Pointer.Animationframe = <whatever it needs to be>
    Here is how it looks in C2:
  • nimos100 Worked! THANKS!

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