Select objects based on memory usage?

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  • Hi. I'm trying to clean up my project a bit in order to optimize loading times and memory usage, but I find it a bit cumbersome to scroll through hundreds of objects in my project to find which objects that truly drain the memory.

    Is there any way to highlight objects that rise above a certain threshold of for instance 20MB of memory? I would also appreciate if there's an easy way to see how much memory each specific asset is expected to take.

    Also, is there any way to see which layout that's the most demanding to run? Currently the task bar only highlights what the max memory usage is expected to be. Would make it easier to optimize if I knew which layout these numbers belonged to.


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  • You can run the game in debug mode, and choose profile in lower right corner it will give you an estimate of what events etc are using the most CPU. However I don't think there are anyway to see what a specific object uses of memory. And therefore no way to select objects using more than 20mb of memory.

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