How do I Select an Object That is Pinned?

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  • Hey there,

    I have monsters in my game that have name tags above their heads. When a monster is destroyed I would also like to destroy the corresponding name tag. Currently I am using a textbox and pinning it to the monster. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to select pinned objects to destroy them. Any help on this one?

    Thank You,


  • Hey ,

    You need use container. Go in the properties of your sprite , look for "container" and add your text object.

    Now when you destroy your sprite , all objects in the container is destroyed too.

  • When an object is pinned, you can get the UID of the object it is pinned to using the PinnedUID expression.

    So when you want to destroy a monster, before destroying it, pick textbox by UID where the UID is equal to monster.Pin.PinnedUID. Destroy the textbox, then you can destroy the moster

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  • Alright, I'll look into containers and Pinned UIDs. I'll let y'all know if I get it working.

    vioz and OlivierC


    Okay, containers are working for me. But now the name plates are not reflecting the monster they are above. I am assuming this is because if I change one textbox the rest of them change as well. Is there a way to change each textbox and not effect the other ones?

  • Finally got it to work. I had to remove the containers to keep the name plates working. Here's the code I used.

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