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  • Is there a way to select an object (sprite) that is located under another object (another sprite). I've tried holding a few key combinations and clicking but I still just click on the top object. I've checked the manual but I can't seem to find anything about that. Did I miss that somewhere?

  • Are they both identical objects directly over one another? or are they overlapping each other just a bit?

  • There is an event called "Pick top/bottom" for sprites.

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  • are you talking about "in game" or in the editor ?

  • If your problem is while using the editor might find it easier to select objects from the Project bar list instead unless of course the object you are picking is an Instance of another object ..if so well...within the editor all you can do is remember the coordinates and then move the top object to get the under object...

    unless of course the under object is located on its own layer..if thats the case just disable the top layer ...

    There is a request thread in the general section to ask to address that situation....if its in game you are talking about...Try shinkan's Event:)

  • It was in the layout editor. Well, with the new Z Order Bar, it might not be so bad, but it would be neat to be able to hold a key and click to cycle through objects. I'll go to that requests thread. Thanks for your help!

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