How do I Select multiple sprites at once

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  • Hi i asked this question before but have not received answer that would make me happy. :-/ I have platformer game with many assets. i created families. Now when i click on my family , is there a way it will select all members of the family so i can move it ? Or do i have to select it one by one and then move it? And the family members are not very close to each other :-/

  • When you use a family in the condition, it will get all the objects and instances that make part of this family or it will take into account just the ones that match your condition. There is no need to select one by one. At least in most cases.

  • Just click the family in the objects window that will select all that familys object. Then Click and hold/drag atleast one of the object and move it that will move all selected objects just make sure the one you move is on a unlocked layer. when selected you can also move them with your arrow keys

  • When i click on the family name it is not selecting anything, And i am even unable select multiple items inside the family, :-/

  • JUst tested yeah it seems like thats the case you can only select one Object at a time

  • Families are not for grouping object instances at design-time, they are for grouping object types to give them common features and reduce code. But having said that, it should be pretty easy for Ashley to add that feature to the editor. Maybe with the C3 overhaul. At least you can click on each object type, and move around all the instances of that type at once, if that helps.

  • lol codah more work for poor Ashley and co boys codah and me want this asp

  • lol codah more work for poor Ashley and co boys codah and me want this asp

    Well, as long as they are doing an editor upgrade.. it's one more feature to add

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  • that's correct dear codah

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