How do I select a lower sprite in editor?

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  • I would have assumed that if I have a layer selected in layers panel, that I can select sprites in that layer. However, this is not true. The editor is not concerned with the active layer, only the actual layer order when selecting.

    I understand you can hide the upper layers to select sprites on lower layers. That works fine, but it seems easier and more intuitive that sprites on the selected layer should get selected when clicking in the editor regardless of upper layer visibility.

    Does this sound like something that should be fixed?

  • There's a Z Order Bar you can access from the View tab. You can choose any object from the scene from there. I don't know if there's any other way to pick objects from under each other.

  • Yeah the z order bar is helpful, true. But I still think in stack of sprites in diff layers, when you click, you should get the one in the layer that is selected. Seems intuitive. I'm working on a complex isometric game board layout with several layers of objects. Building it is a bit tedious, which I expected, but I'm noticing some editor tweaks that could make it go faster

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  • in order to work on a layer specifically, if its down to bottom or top, for u to move it while other layers are above it, you have first to lock the above layers, in the layers tab in the right bottom under objects, and press on the lock layer, then when u finish tweaking it enable the once above it so u can move them again its a bit tedious but might do the job

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