How do I select different objects on a scene using a list

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  • Hey there, i'd like to make a comparison layout.

    My idea is that i get two lists, and two slider bars, i got like 30 invisible object on the scene. I'd like to get the Two objects selected from the list become visible, and the sliders to change the opacity of their respective lists.

    Any ideas how can i manage that ?

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  • You can compare selected item text and relate that to an object that would then make it visible at its current location or you could create it in a location. With a slider I guess you could relate the value of the slider 0-100 directly to the opacity so when slider value is 25, opacity is 25. There are many ways you can tweak this though.

  • sounds easy enough, can i please have an example how to link objects to the list please ?

  • If you had say 2 objects, an apple and a banana. In the list item 0, the first in the list, is apple. Item 1 is banana. You can use the logic List compare selection, if selected item = 0, make apple visible. If selected item = 1, make banana visible etc.

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