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  • Question 1:

    I am making online 2D Car games with different motorcycles with different abilities but i dont know how do it online. I used vehicle buttons so there is no custom movements, there is a impulse.

    Peers how to select their Car and only controling it? When a peer clicks right button, Other Cars is affecting too. How to make controls to players special? For Example, i selected A Car, He select B car but i dont want to affect B car with pressing "Right Button"

    Question 2 :

    I made "Car Select" Layout and created a global variable for each cars. For Example, i made Global Variable "A" for A car and i click A button that sets variable 0 and when i set variable 0, Car creating at Game Layout thats not problem but, i made abilities :

    When Press E :

    IF "A" global Variable=0 Make impulse to A car (80,0)

    so i need to click on select button and create A car, not with Global Variable. How to do this?

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  • make it thru mp plugin ... go thru its demo , you will get all understanding.

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