'Seek to' isn't working. How do I make it work?

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  • My little dynamic soundtrack thing I'm doing needs the looping sounds "1a" and "1e" to always be in sync.

    1e will begin while 1a is already playing. When 1e starts, the tag seeks to Audio.PlaybackTime("1a") seconds.

    Then for good measure, if Audio.PlaybackTime("1e") doesn't equal Audio.PlaybackTime("1a"), seek "1e" to Audio.PlaybackTime("1a").

    For some reason this doesn't take effect until I click outside of the window (freezing the game) then click back in, at which point 1e will immediately jump to where it's supposed to be.

    What the hell could be causing this issue? It's making the music sound atrocious. Please help!

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  • In debug mode, not all the audio that's playing is actually listed under Audio. Construct 2 doesn't seem to realise that the tags "1a" and "1e" are playing at all, which would explain why it can't sync them up. So, why can't Construct 2 keep track of what is and isn't playing? How can I fix/compensate for this?

  • I think this problem is somewhat the same as with video, it can't figure out how to be precise, have the exact same problem in my program just with a video, it kind of skips around a bit. But haven't gotten around to make a workaround yet. But at least in my case I know by how much it skips, so hopefully I can add or subtract that from the video to make it appear to not doing it. So maybe you can do something similar in your case, if you know how much it skips. But its just a guess/suggestion since I use a video object. But it sounds like somewhat the same problem.

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