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  • I'm not sure if this will work, or if this is the best way to do it. But it's worth a try lol.

    If you are using the Platform or the 8 direction behavior, both have a condition that check if the object is moving.

    So you just need to do a check if the player is overlapping the spot and at the same time is NOT moving.

    Tell me if it works ^^

  • Ok, will try...LOL at this point I will try anything because this one little issue is holding up a project that I need to get done asap.

  • I think for every other behaviour you could check if the speed = 0

    Would somethimg like this help?

    Player is overlapping

    player.speed = 0

    trigger once

    Start timer "GetPoints" for x seconds

    on timer "GetPoints"

    add points

  • After several a temps, I just gave up. This morning it hit me "Why not use triggers?" So I came up with this idea, when player gets to a certain point it triggers an object to be visible. If player is overlapping that object it deducts points else add points if not overlapped. Its still some bugs to workout. Thanks RayKi and LittleStain. Both of your suggestions helped me.

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