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  • Hello there,

    I am an old user of construct 2. I was compiling and presenting my projects with cocoon. Even if the cocoon service was disabled, I continued to use the plugin.

    today one of my game got a warning from google play:

    Security alert

    Your application has an unsafe use of HostnameVerifier. Please refer to this article on the Google Help Center for details, including the recognized expiration date for fixing the vulnerability.

    Vulnerable classes:


    Please fix the issue before: 11/26/2020

    Do they want changes to folders or version code? I would be very happy if someone guides me on what to do.

  • This doesn't appear to be anything to do with Construct. Ludei are a different company, it's probably something to do with their addons and services... but IIRC, they shut down.

  • Thanks for coming back, Ashley.

    yes I know the cocoon is turned off. I have been using plugins such as Authentication, CocoonAds, CocoonInApps for years in the game without any problems. If I remove the plugins or re-add the latest versions, will this help me fix the problem? If I could understand the cause of the problem, I would try to do something. but I can't do anything.

  • I can't help you with third-party addons, they are the responsibility of their respective developers.

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  • I understand thanks, ashley, I'll learn the result through a few risky trial and error :(

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