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  • Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask a quick question, simply out of general interest.

    When exporting a game (particularly as a node-webkit program, as I want to create standard desktop applications) is there any way to increase the security of assets? It seems that once exported, all game assets are immediately available in the 'package.nw' archive. Would I be right in assuming that this means that one could make changes to the game simply by replacing those images? If so, is there any way to prevent that?

    So yeah, just a few general security questions. Can I prevent people from accessing my game files, and can I prevent people from modifying them.


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  • Well first off. There is no such thing as asset security. If a cracker want's access they will get your resources.

    Second. No not really. There is no way to protect your assets.

    oh hey. here is an unreal package extractor. This is for Bordlands and other Unreal games like Batam Arkham series.

  • Yeah, I figured as much. All I meant was would there be any way of slightly improving it beyond being as easy as unzipping an archive file.

    My main worry is that someone could steal your game and claim it as their own fairly easily by simply replacing some of the image files in the archive to make it look like they made it.

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