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  • how to make an event on after 10 seconds, for example?

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  • You could use the "Every 10 seconds" condition before your event.

    There's also a method where you can have a variable (e.g. TimeElapsed), add dt to "TimeElapsed" every tick, and then have an event happen when TimeElapsed = 10.

    Every Tick: Add dt to TimeElapsed

    TimeElapsed = 10: Do Something

  • Hi all,

    Got a problem with the "Every X seconds" event.

    I want to switch from two layouts , say , every 5 seconds.

    so on layout 1 , i have a event : Every 5 second -> System : Go to layout 2

    and on layout 2                 : Every 5 second -> System : Go to layout 1

    Problem is that timers seem to be at same time . Only first Layout stay for 5 second. the second Layout switch back immediately to First one ..

    Any idea to have each layout stay for a fixed time ??

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my poor english.

  • what you can do is a wait after a certain condition is met

    on loaded layout1 : System wait 5 seconds -> go to layout2

    on loaded layout2 : System wait 5 seconds -> go to layout1

  • Isn't a Wait stopping the layout Ticks loop ?? ( because i have some move in the layout before switching )

  • The wait don't stop the game, it just Wait until doing the actions after itself

    +yes, the every X seconds compare the time from the begining

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