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  • Hi guys! I was wondering if it was possible to make a seasons system (winter, summer, spring, fall, that stuff)? I'm making a survival game and I was wondering if I could do that and how? Maybe a variable for the current season?

  • InvaderX - what's your time system like? do you have a day counter or anything like that?

    i would add to a season counter everytime the days equaled a certain amount.

    • daysvariable %(mod) 30 = 0 > add one to months counter

    when months gets to thirteen (so you will have the 12th month) reset it to 1 and then create the conditions for the seasons based on the months counter.

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  • wretchedshark Yes, I have a day counter. Though 365 days seems long even in game, do you think I should shorten the game months? If so, any idea how much?

  • Hey InvaderX. The timing system that wretchedshark proposed is a must before trying to do any other season-based systems. I'd suggest figuring out a scale; like every so many minutes in-game equals a day or whatever.

    For season effects, there might be some opengl effects that could be useful for creating lighting; or maybe have some different sprites, like leafless trees for autumn.

    Sounds cool, btw; I've been jotting notes and brainstorming with a buddy over a survival game inspired by Les Stroud. :)

  • lets all make one together! :P

    InvaderX - it all depends on your game really, is it slow days or fast days or meant to be shortened. a lot of that stuff seems to be best figured out through trial and error.

    for example if you make food scarce in the winter (or something) then try setting your game to play so you have to play a whole how many months of winter and see if you get bored/frustrated/etc by the time it takes to go even partway through it.

  • wretchedshark

    space Ape

    Okay so I got something going, but how do I check if the day variable is a multiple of 11? Because there are going to be 11 days in a month in game. Since days are infinite, it would be a hassle to do every multiple of 11 :/

  • InvaderX - I'd probably use a countdown. Set the initial value as 11, then subtract 1 every x minutes a day costs in your game. When it hits 0, advance the month and reset the countdown.

  • InvaderX - or use mod(%) ... daysvariable % 11 = 0 > add 1 to monthvariable

    mod(%) is modulo.. remainder, so when days divided by 11 has a remainder of 0 add one to monthvariable

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