Search for Object/Sound/Music is used in CS2 Project?

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  • Hello,

    I need to do some cleanup in my project. I need to resize Music files(due to size restrictions on the app Store) I am at 201 MB DL and the max apparently is 200 MB. I was going to re-import my audio and import as the lowest/fastest quality to see how much space I can free up and hopefully not diminish the audio quality to bad.

    With this is there a way that I can search for that music file in CS2 to see which Event sheets it is in use on?

    Also I have some "Spite1, Sprite 2, Sprite 3...." which I am sure are accidental creations but would like to delete them. But hoping I can search those names to see if they are in use in a layout.

    Is this possible?


  • Save your project as a folder (not as .capx), and search for object names in xml files. I prefer using some file manager like Total Commander :)

    For example, search *.xml containing "Sprite1", if it's used in any event sheets or layouts, you'll find them.

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  • Good idea. Thanks

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