How do I search for an object under objects?

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  • Hi.

    How do you search for an object under objects?


  • Could you elaborate? I'm pretty sure nobody really gets what is your problem.

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  • Point taken.

    On the window where all your objects are displayed. Sprites, helpers, text objects, functions etc. under Object Types.

    If you want to locate a specific thing like lets say a sprite called Awesomeness. But i forgot where i placed it under which subfolder.

    How can you search or filter what is displayed ?

  • Strange as it seems, apparently you can't. It would be a nice feature for people with big projects with hundreds of objects distributed in subfolders, but I guess you'll have to wait for a future version for that.

    That said, as a good practice, I'd suggest you should use some kind of naming and folder placement rules, so you can intuitively and easily find your assets.

  • Ldk

    I'm not sure this will work, but try exporting the project as an HTML5 website, then search for the image on your computer. When you find it, right click it and check the properties. It'll tell you what folder it's in.

  • Yeah my naming conventions are good. There are a few objects that got lost.

    These are some basics that should be part of C2.

    Searching or filtering for objects.

    Selecting multiple objects... i have 100's of objects. If i decide to change a folder and move objects it takes me 30 minutes plus to individually select them and drag them one by one.

    I did create a topic about functionality like this.

    Even though C2 is a great application, it lacks some basic features.

    Fwumpy i eventually found it. But your method works.

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