How do I search for code in my event

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  • Is there a way to type in something to search in my code, so I don't have to scroll through and find it manually?

    so for example i can type in "collision " and it will go through my code and tell me all the places I have collisions?

  • There is a search feature under the events tab.

    Oddly enough there is also one here on the forum.

  • Where you looking for this?


  • that doesn't work though, it only finds the first instance of something, it doesn't toggle through all instances of ''health'' or whatever I am looking for.

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  • It hides all events that don't contain the word somewhere inside it, or it's sub-events.

    If the word is mentioned a lot, you will see a lot of events. If it's only in 1, only that one will show, and all others will be hidden. You have to cancel the search to get the others to show again.

    I add Search to my "Quick Access Toolbar" along the top edge, so it's present no matter what tab is open.

    One glitch, if you are at the bottom of a long event sheet, and do a search, you may have to scroll up to see any of the results.

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