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  • Hi.

    I need a bit of help making a search box feature that loads a URL and a Fact. I'm using the CSV plugin and arrays. I'm at the stage where Iv placed the CSV data in an array and can load up images from Url's by pressing a button, but I'm not sure how to associate the'DATE's with the 'FACT' & 'URL' column so they're searchable.


    The Idea: The user types in a date from the 'DATE' column, eg.'1 Jan 1942'. The programme will then bring up a fact and load the associated image from a URL.

    This is the spreadsheet before it's converted to CSV format (comma separated values)

    <img src="" border="0">

    Iv made a primitive search feature that works but it will mean I would have to do everything manually. (Capx demos this)

    What would be the best way to look up a fact by searching a date?

    Is the best way to load the 3 columns of data (pic above) into the Array and write an expression in the Text Box with the logic:

    When a "DATE" is detected in the Array:

    Sprite loads image from "URL" index of array.

    Text loads "FACT" from index of array.

    I'm a bit lost on how to form an expression.


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