Seamless screen wrapping for objects

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  • Hello,

    I've tried several different ways to get an object to seamlessly wrap around the screen, but so far none have worked correctly for what I'm trying to do. What I want to do is have a bar wrap around the screen. Using a phone as an example, the player would tap (or click) and hold on the bar and swipe. I want the bar to essentially spin around the screen. So, if the bar were divided into sections of three different colors and the player swipes to the right, I want the colors to disappear on the right and reappear back on the left on the screen. Hopefully that makes sense. I don't know exactly what I've tried, as my projects I was testing with are at home. Does anyone know of a way to this? I'm not very experienced with Construct 2 yet. Just trying to see if it will work for the project I have in mind.

    Thank you

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  • Basically you need three copies of your objects that all mirror each other, "off screen" to the left and the right.

    Or you can try looking into the paster plugin.

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