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  • Hi to all, it is possible actually with scirra2, to make HUGES backdrops for scrolls?

    i mean i want to make a game in 1280x720 in resolution so im drawing huges backgrounds because i want to make differents speed-scrolls, in the same ways as RAYMAN ORIGINS.

    i hope its possible...


  • Read this

    There's also explained how it could be done.

  • Don't draw huge background, Draw many cool reusable asset and fake diversity with them.

    One day there will be pixel shader effect for c2. And then you will be able to make some color variation on your asset.

    That will allow you for instance to fake distance with the same tree sprite by desaturation and making it a bit more bluish. You will load the same image and use a bit of gpu calculation to shift hue and saturation.

    Just don't think that you will make a big image and stick it in your game like that. It's not that easy.

  • but if i dont make the designs for the levels in 1280x720 but lower, when its going to be in full screen, the levels are going to be blured because its rescaled to the screen.

    And i dont want to make 2000 tiles for making one level, its crazy, with no tile editor for level making, its crazy to start something like that.

    tile editor example... tile editor

  • I wasn't talking about tile.

    I don't remember if I already showed you that but it's an old project of mine I did at the begining of this year.

    As it's a trailer, there's a bit of prerendered cut-scene stuff But I think you can tell apart what is vid?o and what is actuall game.

    You can test the game here

    It's a bit heavy, the cinematic is in it.

    The graphics are quite simple but my level is about 20000 x 2000 px wide.

    As for VRAM I didn't go over 100Mb I think.

    It wasn't easy, I splitted things quite a bit, but I didn't use any tile or level editor.

    Also upscaled some stuff but it was still ok. The blurriness helped to push the background a bit.

    So yeah it's possible. Nothing is really easy in game creation.


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  • thanks to you :D

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