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  • ok i have 2 things that i really couldn't find how to fix it..

    first here is my game that im working


    (its mario but im going to change it to another character looks like this :<img src="" border="0">)


    1)the things i want to fix is , when i click (down arrow) i don't want the other arrows work or anyother button.

    2) when i put scrolling on the player it comes like this ,

    scroll capx problem

    the problem (i feel the background is moving with the player) also there is a gray in the buttom.

    i want to make background sticked, and the black wall in the buttom not gray (transparent).

  • 1) Hmm, you don't want any buttons to work at all or just any other buttons to work when you press down ?

    I'll guess it's the latter one.. Make an boolean and set it to false. And add another condition to the other arrows (Not down) If boolean = false

    And then in the down arrow pressed set boolean to true. In that way as soon as you press down the other ones don't work..

    Hope you get it..

    2) There's an example of this in the included examples of C2, parallax.. It's basically putting background on another layer..

    Cheers !!

  • hmmm..thanks.

    1) i don't want buttons work when i press buttom arrow ...ill working on it. im almost got it ^^

    2) about scrolling , can you give me a link i couldn't find it also the background in another layer you can download capx to see it.

  • I can't give you a link, it's included in the examples folder named: Platform 7 (parallax)

    Cheers !!

  • ahh , i see ^^

    about boolean i have tried but still somthing wrong in it, sometimes animation stick, sometimes it doesn't fix the problem like this..

    boolean should be in player right??if yes then didn't work :(

  • I Will try to do it with your example later, now i have to take care of My 2-months old daughter.

    Cheer !!

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  • 0.0 grats , by the way about the screen i fixed it 100% and i knew what the problem was but now the keys , ill try to find ^^ thanks bro :)

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