How do I make a scrolling like in a zelda game?

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  • Hi everybody,

    I've checked carefully the Frequently Asked topic and coudn't find what I'm looking for. It's all in the title, I would like to make a scrolling transition like in the 2D zelda game. I get the logic but can't manage to make it work. Thanks for reading this bottle to the sea.

  • Bump, I should elaborate what I did a little bit maybe.

    I use an invisible tile which trigger the scrolling with a boolean. The scrolling follow an invisible object "camera" which is suppose to move when the player sprite overlap the trigger tile.


  • Hello,

    Good idea. So should have all rooms on one layout, with one object with Scroll To behavior at the center of the room the player is. When the player enters another room, you make that object move to the center of the new one. So you have to track the center position of each room, either by placing an marker object on it or store x,y coordinates in an array. To move the scrolling object, you may use the Bullet behavior and set the angle of motion based on the door taken by the player (0 degree for East, 180 for West, etc...), or MoveTo (a 3rd party plugin) or Path Finding behavior.

    Tell me if you want an example.

  • Hi Nabu thanks for your answer. I tried to make it work the way you said but the bullet behavior is messing up. I cannot make the camera object go to the position I want it to be.

    By the way, I made two instances variable attach to the camera object to track its position. PosX and PosY, I simply add the number of pixel to this variable to keep it updated (not sure to be clear). I'm not comfortable with the arrays.

    Anyway, if you have some spare time I would gladly see an example of yours. Thanks again.

  • Hi, here is an example. There are many ways to achieve something like. You can modify for it for your needs.

    An Array would be useful is you have many rooms and don't want to create an object for each room center. You can just set one at layout start and manually enter x,y coordinates of your room, or your can make some kind of level generation does it for you. But you still need objects for doors to test collision with to interact.

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  • Hi Nabu, thanks for the capx. It's the way I was trying to handle it but I was a bit far from a satisfying result. Thanks again, I'm going to dig in it deeper.

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