scrolling up with walls(solid sprite)

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  • hi,

    how can I made a wall(solid) that is constant in its place or like in infinite parallax?

    (parallax ex. 100, 50)

    as my character goes up, the wall is works fine at first, but after a several scrolls, the walls were left behind and nonfunctional and my character goes out of layout.

    (parallax ex. 100, 0)

    as my character goes up, the wall is works fine at first, but after a several scrolls, the walls were still there or works right but my character passes through the wall and goes out of layout.

    can anyone help a newbie like me?

    thanks in advance.

  • Could you please elaborate further? I'm not sure if I understand your real intention correctly.

  • something like infinite walls in left and right that parallax can be applied as my character goes up(because it jumps automatically).

  • Use graphical trick. Have invisible solid sprites stay still for solid check. Have a tiled background for your infinite wall rendering.

    In every tick, check if your tiled background exceeds its looping size. If so, move it back. For example, if your tile is 128 x 128, and the size of the tile is 128 x 800, check if y of the tile > 128. If so, move y back by 128 - the height of your tile, in other word. This will give the player the impression that the tile is moving.

    Of course, the player will have to be push down with the same speed as the wall that is pulling down to have the same impression.

    Does this answer your question?

  • sorry for typing too fast. But for the effect above, the size of the tile must exceed the total view from top to bottom in order to achieve this effect. The y position of the tile should be above the top of the view by the looping height. Get what I mean?

  • oh I'm sorry forgot to mention. is possible that I should make it a sprite instead of tiled background?

    but it gives me the idea though.

  • Of course. If you design your event that way, sure.

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  • ok thank you very much.

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