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  • Hi,

    I have a scrolling text, that has a bullet behavior. It slowly moves from the bottom, and up. What I am trying to achieve is to have that text show, but ONLY when it is within the yellow box (in capx).

    Basically, the text goes up, and I would like it to not being shown until it reaches the box. Once it goes "above" the box, it is again, not visible (the background is visible at all times). But it keeps scrolling like that - starts showing when reaches the bottom of the box, and stops showing when it reaches the top part.

    And also, the yellow box in the end result, I would like that it is NOT SHOWN at all. It would serve only as a "limiter" of sorts.

    I hope I explained it understandably.

    Here is a capx, that I have so far, if anyone has any idea how I can make it work, would be great. credits.capx

    Thank you so much!

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  • quick untested idea - each line as a separate text/sprite font object that fades in at the required position as it scrolls up then fades out after x seconds. will try to provide a capx later.

  • scorpwiz I didn't test your capX becuase I'm on an older C2 version but can't you just add a gradient image on top of the credits? Like this except the black part can be your background for example. Or are you looking for another result?

    You can have your full background image under the text and have the gradient part of the same background image above the text and this will make it look like the text is being disolved at the top of the screen.

  • just slice your backgound image into three parts....(Mask2 Layout)

    or you can also use blend modes(Mask1 Layout)

    ending credits.capx

  • RamPackWobble

    Hm, that's an interesting idea, I was thinking something like that, line by line, just didn't know how to correctly include that fade. Although, 1 sprite would fit me more, but that is still a valid option.


    When you say gradient, you mean to have another same image as the background, just have a "cut", a square hole in the middle ? And then put that on top of the layer ? Yes, I will try that, that might work.

  • korbaach

    Yes! I just tried your capx, that is exactly what I wanted! Thank you, thank you!!

    And thank you all for your replies, I really appreciate it!

  • korbaach , This mask1 is spot on, with blending options. I was struggling so much how to make this, so this has to be on different layer, I see. Can you just explain, this mask sprite, that is just a regular sprite, that has to have a Destination Out ?

    Does force own texture also have to be in this scenario ?


  • layer with "force own texture" set to "yes"..and .just regular sprite with Destination Out ..make sure that the text is under the sprite..

  • Here is what I was meaning

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