How do I make a scrolling screen wrap

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  • hi plz help someone. I'm making my first game and i do not know how to make the actual "game" wrapped .

    basically i have a platform sprite and i have the screen scrolled to him, the "hero"

    so when hero leaves layout going right he appears on the left and vice versa. (this is the concept i want but not entirely).

    so this is where i need help, i want instead of the hero appearing on the left when leaving the layout on right,

    the hero runs right towards layout end and the screen follows him and its like a tile effect where the layout is repeated ,including (background, enemies and all items left there.)

    so its like a loop effect on the actual game when played not only the background.

    not sure if im explaining properly but if anyone understand and is able to guide me it would greatly be appreciated.thanks

    basically i want each stage to be just one screen where hero collects items, but if running to the right or left like in mario bros instead of seeing the next layout u smoothly run into the same layout.

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  • I have a theorethical suggestion, but I didnt test it. If your layout is big enough, then at the last part of your layout, put a transparent sprite and make a collision event, when your hero collision that sprite, move your hero to the initial part of your game. If your hero has the Scroll behaviour, maybe it can work!

    Also it is recommended to use an invisible sprite to have the Scroll Behaviour instead of your hero. Make it follow your hero with pin and unpin. It will help for example in places like boss battles where you will want to unpin the invisible sprite so the screen doesnt move.

    EDIT: Now to have the effect that this is a continue map, make it a bit more large, containing a buffer zone equal to the start of your layout, put your collision sprite before that zone and you can get the desired effect. Here's a glorious image of the idea:

  • i tried ,i didn't get it to work here is a link to what im trying to achieve , its the classic sega game flicky (see how the bird passes the same exit sign when moving to the right. i want to create a similar game but struggle to get the game to scroll like this

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