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  • I've got a projectile shooting at X velocity, and I want the camera to follow it after an event trigger. Which that alone is all screwy cause the Scroll doesn't move fast enough(but I'll figure that out with Lerp stuff).

    However, I can get the screen to scroll towards its X location up until about 2600 units, then the screen just sits there at that X coordinate. I can't seem to figure out why the screen won't go past this point in my layout even though the Camera sprite that it's scrolling to is about 1000 units further. The layout itself is about 5000 units, so I haven't ran out of layout yet.

    Fis one problem only to cause one more, I forgot how much of a pain this can be haha.

  • This problem can occur for multiple reasons:

    1/the camera will not go outside the layout by default, the object can, maybe you go outside of it

    2/Maybe the event to refresh the camera position is not true anymore

    3/Other thing.

    Make sure the 2 firsts aren't the problem, if it is not, can We see the events refreshing the camera position?

  • Derrrrrrpppp...Found my issue, apparently I had another sprite with a "Scroll To" Behavior on it. So when my camera followed the projectile's (X,Y) it would split the difference I guess. I deleted the behavior and all was working well.

    Already having easy fix issues, and I haven't even started on my variable strings or made my offensive AI..le sigh.

  • Don't worry, mistakes happen to everyone, and yes, If I remember correctly, Having more than one Scroll to sprite make the scrolling go to the middle of the sprites

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  • Indeed, it's my first major game project since playing with RPG maker a good 12 years ago, so there's bound to be a few mistakes.

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