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  • Hello,

    I'm new to Construct 2, and I just want to know if it's possible to make a scrolling carousel? For navigation purposes.



  • Yeah it's possible. You could even simulate one of those 3D looking ones.

  • Thanks for your reply. Let me explain what I'm looking for. I basically want to run this on Mobile.

    I want to be able to show an entire panel/item (A) - with text and a button. But I also want to be able to slide that panel out of view, which will then show another panel/item (B) - with text and a button, and then I can slide that out of the way to show panel/item (C), etc...

    Something like this (The first one): ... gin-slick/

    But to take over the entire mobile screen - its for showing content. I want it to feel like a native mobile navigation. With the inertia, velocity slide, etc.


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  • It's definitely possible. Others could contribute the discussion on the best way to pull it off but you could do it by way of sprite animations to show the movement. It looks like it could even be done by having one object move to the left as the other is moving to the left. Construct 2 incorporates many of the mobile inputs like touch, hold, drag & drop. These could be useful. The 'one at a time' looks like it could be done by simply moving objects across the screen using X,Y movement and then make use of layers to make sure that the ones moving off screen are no longer visible. There will be many ways to do this kind of thing. I was taking a look at the 3D carousel style where the objects are in a kind of ring where the one in view is biggest, this can be achieved with slider bar objects and increasing size as it comes closer to the centre. For the 'autoplay' there are timers or 'every x seconds' events to achieve this. C2 is without a doubt capable of making all of these things.

  • Okay, thanks for this! I shall give it a try.

    I noticed that Construct 2 also has a fairly large community for Plugins. Do you know of any plugins that specifically give me UI/Framework elements with respect to what I'm looking for?

    Thanks again.

  • This looks like the sort of thing you want?

    If not, there should be something suitable in the addons section of the forums :

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