How do I make a scrolling background

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  • I'm starting a new 2d platformer project, and before I do that, I want to make it so when the character progresses it scrolls through the map to keep him in the middle of the screen.

  • The quick and dirty way is to add the Scroll To behavior to your character.

    As you get more into things, you should set the game to scroll to an invisible 'camera' object (just a blank sprite) and then you can customize how the camera reacts and moves.

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  • You can create a new layer with Paradax maybe...

  • There are multiple ways of doing this, id say it depends on what you are specifically after and how the rest of your game works.

    Here's another way: open C2, click start a new project, scroll down and choose Template: Auto-runner. See if you like how it's done there.

  • I have a huge map horizontally, I want the player to be able to go beyond just the normal limits: example:

    I need the camera to scroll throughout the entire world, wherever the player goes.

  • Then make a different sprite(doesn't matter what, can just be a box of any color) put it on top of the player and pin it to the player. Then add the camera effect to that box.

    I think the "How to make a platformer game" tutorial covered that, so check it out.

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