How do I make a scrollable area?

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  • Is it possible to create a sprite that is able to be scrolled, while not scrolling the main canvas?

    For example, if I have a background image on my canvas, I want that to stay as-is and not scroll. On top of that, I will have a smaller box (sprite?) that will contain an image (or several images) and I want it to be able to 'scroll', so the user can see the rest of the image (or images).

    Basically I am trying to make a scrollable 'list', but each item is a graphic, not just simple text.

  • SSzretter if I understand your requirements correctly, you might try checking out Septeven's "iScoll" plugin?

    Hope this helps...


  • That looks really promising, thank you

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  • Layers and parallax are your friend

    Set up a background layer and set parallax to 0. All of the images are on a different layer and also put something with the scroll behaviour on that layer.

    When you move the object with the scrolling behaviour you will see that the layer with the images will also scroll while the background will stay as it is.

    EDIT: Very simple mock up attached

  • You can also pin all your images to the box and add the drag and drop behaviour to the box.

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