How do I 'Scroll To' right but NOT stay in center of screen?

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  • The main game character uses physics. I'd like to make the physics scroll to the right... but I do NOT want to keep the main character in the center of the screen. Is there a way to use the 'scroll to' feature -- basically making the size of the game area larger, WITHOUT keeping the character in the center of the screen?

    For example, I want the character to start on the far left side of the screen... Then when the character eventually moves to the far right side of the screen, it will THEN begin to scroll to the right enlarging the play area.

    Is that possible? Again, I'm using 'physics' for the main character. Thanks in advance.

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  • I also looked at the manual... it said:

    If you need more advanced scrolling, e.g. limited to certain regions or following the player after a delay, scroll to an invisible object which you control through events.

    However... since I'm using physics, when my main character flips around and is 'pinned' to an 'invisible object' that has the 'scroll to' feature, the screen appropriately focus on the 'invisible object' and many times doesn't even show the main character on the screen while its flipping around. Hence, I'm not sure how to do the scroll to the right idea I mentioned above...

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