How do I use Scroll to?

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  • I am currently experimenting with having the camera follow the player as it moves along but the scroll to is not working for me, I have set the behavior to the player and when I preview It doesn't follow the player.

    When the player goes of screen it doesn't follow, the player just goes off the screen.

    Also another little question I will pop in here instead of making a new thread, I have particles following the player but they are coming from the wrong point, when I try setting the image point to different values it stays in the same place am I missing something?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • For the Scroll to behavior, you also need to set "Unbounded scrolling" in the properties for your layout to Yes. By default it is No, so the camera won't leave your layout.

    You should go to your particle and every tick "set position to another object" and choose your player and then choose which image point it should follow.

  • You can also set scrollTo on another invisible object, and pin that object at an offset to your player if you don't want the camera centered directly on the player.

  • Thanks for your replys greatly appreciated!

    Wow the unbounded scrolling worked a treat, works great now so that problem solved thanks a lot!

    C-7 - I have set the position every tick but the particles are coming out of the middle of the character instead of the back but I don't think I quite understand image points, I want the particles to come out of the back, but when I adjust the values of image point It stays the same.

  • Sounds like you only have one image point, clicking on the plus button in the image point editor will add another image point that you can reposition as needed...

  • ah ok I will do it now thanks

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